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Suntech’s Armourglaze

Armourglaze wall and ceiling coating system is the toughest polyurethane coating system available, which will withstand rigorous cleaning with fumigants, peroxides and other aggressive chemical cleaners.

Armourglaze is highly durable, abrasion resistant and anti-microbial, making it suitable for use in cutting edge research laboratory conditions as well as mortuaries.


• Category 3 and 4 ACDP clean rooms/labs (with optional fiberglassreinforcement)

• Mortuaries

• Plant rooms/Chemical stores


• Two pack, very durable system

• Colour and UV stable

• Resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, fumigants, chemicals and abrasives

• Easy to maintain

• System incorporating FG Heavy can be steam cleaned


Chemical resistance

Armourglaze is extremely resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents used in the removal of graffiti, fumigation (using Formaldehyde or Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide) and decontamination processes including Hydrochloric Acid (10%); Sulphuric Acid (10%); Nitric Acid (10%); Formic Acid (10%); Caustic Soda (10%); Formaldehyde (40%); Benzyl Alcohol; water and steam.

It also inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on its surface. For more comprehensive chemical resistance data refer to System Technical Data Sheet.

Scrub and abrasion resistance

Scrub resistance (tested to ASTM D2486) - 4000+ cycles Abrasion resistance (tested to ASTM D1044, D3389) - 6000 cycles.


The system will withstand repeated cleaning with alkaline detergents, antiseptics and fumigation treatments without any degradation to surface or




Armourglaze is available in a Satin or Gloss finish.


Armourglaze can be supplied in any BS 4800, RAL Classic and NCS 2nd Series colour as standard. Colours can also be matched to project requirements.

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