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Suntech Wallflex

Wallflex is a superior and versatile hygienic coating. It has been reformulated to be 99.5% solvent free, very low odour, and with all the resilience and anti-microbial properties associated with Wallflex.


System incorporating Hygienic Mastic

• Operating theatres

• Pre-op and post-op recovery areas

• Category 3 ACDP clean rooms/laboratories (with optional FG)

• Kitchens – live steam/steam cleaning (including FG Heavy)

• Bathrooms/shower rooms (FG Heavy option in wheelchair access areas)

• Hydrotherapy pool halls and changing areas

• Clean/dirty utility System without Hygienic Mastic

• Clean corridors

• Treatment rooms (category 1or 3; ref: HTM 56)

• X-ray areas

• Category 1 or 2 ACDP clean rooms/laboratories


• Non-leaching anti-microbial additives in all system layers

• Solvent free polyurethane system

• Highly durable

• Eliminates cracking in corners, joints etc.

• Can be decontaminated from radioactivity (complies with HBN 26 ‘Facilities for Surgical Procedures: Vol. 1’)

• Easy to maintain


Chemical resistance

Wallflex is highly resistant to a range of Oils (animal/vegetable/ mineral); Urine, Sewage and Blood; Salt, Beer and Molasses; Petrol and Paraffin, Diacetone and Isopropyl Alcohol; Ethylene Glycol; low (<10%) Formaldehyde solution; Sulphuric Acid (10%); Hydrochloric Acid (10%); Nitric Acid (10%); Phosphoric Acid (10%); Lactic Acid (25%); Caustic Soda (10%); water and indirect steam. It also inhibits the growth of microbes on its surface including MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium and Aspergillus niger.

Scrub and abrasion resistance

Scrub resistance (tested to ASTM D2486) - 4000+ cycles. Abrasion resistance (tested to ASTM D1044, D3389) - 5000 cycles.


The system will withstand repeated cleaning with alkaline detergents, antiseptics and intermittent mild fumigation treatments without any degradation to surface or performance.

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