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Suntech's clear

anti graffiti

films are almost

invisible once

applied to the glass.

Anti Graffiti Window Film

The application of Suntech Anti Graffiti Film to glass areas acts as a sacrificial barrier against scratching, etching and spraying by vandals.

Our clear anti graffiti films are almost invisible once applied to the glass. If the Anti Graffiti film should become damaged by scratching, etching or spraying the protective film is easily removed and new film replaced without causing the disruption and expense of replacing the glazing.

No amount of cleaning with the use of solvents, will remove damage done with the use of keys or blades to glass!


Vandalism and deliberate damage to glass costs millions of pounds to rectify every year. The application of an anti-graffiti window film, will eliminate damage to glass caused by spray paint and glass etching, as well as holding glass together safely in the event of vandalism or accidental damage.

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Suntech - Architectural

Our management team has a wealth of experience - 25 years of installing window film, and providing project management to many of the worlds fortune 100 companies and Governments around the world. Suntech brings together the skills and knowledge of some of the UK's leading window film experts and experienced maritime security consultants. From your first contact with Suntech , you will have experienced project managers and consultants working closely with you along with a full team of installers covering not just the whole of the UK but the whole of the Middle East as well.