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Architecturally, Suntech window films and coatings are used to not only protect buildings and occupants from the excess solar heat gain and temperature loss through glass or glazing, but also to enhance the outward appearance, through the use of many differing types and styles of coatings.

Suntech, continuously strives to provide the finest quality coatings for its customers, combined with a complete service from initial contact, to working closely with the customer. Culminating in the correct solution to their problem. 

Enhances The

Outward Appearance Of The Building

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Suntech Safety film is generally an optically clear coating. When applied to glazing it is a practically invisible barrier which protects occupants in the event of a breakage.

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Suntech - Architectural

Our management team has a wealth of experience - 25 years of installing window film, and providing project management to many of the worlds fortune 100 companies and Governments around the world. Suntech brings together the skills and knowledge of some of the UK's leading window film experts and experienced maritime security consultants. From your first contact with Suntech, you will have experienced project managers and consultants working closely with you along with a full team of installers covering not just the whole of the UK but the Middle and Far East.