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Currently 20% of the

world's shipping is at

risk, as it travels through the Gulf of Aden.

The cost of the

Sea Shredder system

can repay for itself

in its first voyage.

By the end of 2011 more than 300 people were being held hostage by pirates.

By utilizing “Mother Ships” the Somali pirates can now attack vessels up to 600 miles away - over 1 million square miles of Ocean! The effect of these attacks mean less ships using the Suez Canal.

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Suntech would like to introduce you to the Sea Shredder. This is, what we believe to be, the ultimate security barrier. This highly visible deterrent with its interlocking spinning blades is so formidable, the British Army said it was virtually impossible to pass. When faced by a highly motivated aggressor, the Captains main objective is to slow them down until help arrives. The best way to achieve this, is to make their continued assault as “painful” and dangerous as possible.

As well as being deployed on the sides of the vessel, the Sea Shredder can also be affixed to key thoroughfares through out the ship, forming Sections, Keeps and Pens.

The Sea Shredder can be configured in a multitude of options. Please contact Suntech to discuss your requirements.

Suntech - Marine

In today's environment it is understandable that fleet operators are concerned that ships are at best, ill equipped to deal with unwanted boarders or pirates.

Suntech are helping to combat the ever present threat, with the use of its blast mitigation window films which strengthen the glazing thus making the would be attacker unable to gain access into the vessel.