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We are poised on the edge of a revolution that will fundamentally alter our world. A revolution as great as the arrival of the personal computer or the mobile phone. We are just witnessing the release of nanotechnology from the captivity of the labs from all the major institutions around the globe.

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the use of Nano Technology coatings.

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 The Sanderson Hotel, London


The Sanderson clearly seeks high standards, with the best service and surroundings for its customers, so the use of Nano coatings to re-invigorate the bathrooms was a natural choice.

Nano coatings were used to renovate and protect sandblasted glass shower cubicles in 150 rooms. As a result, they were easier to clean and created a greater hygienic environment as the coating impeded adherence of bacteria. 

Suntech Nanotechnology Coatings

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Suntech can now offer unique solutions to your problems; including the ones you didn't know you had.


We can offer our customers “StayCleen” nano coatings for wood, stone, glass and a multitude of surfaces can last up to a record breaking 30 years.


Not only are these surfaces transformed into water-repellent and stain resistant barriers. Your business can re-coop the initial outlay by not only saving on the greatly reduced cleaning maintenance but also on the costly chemically purchases. Another added benefit is the move towards a greener corporate image as you will not be flushing these sometimes toxic chemicals into the water system.


We would also like to talk to you about our anti-microbial, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, UV stability, anti-graffiti, self-cleaning, moisture absorbing, gloss retention nano coatings. We think you will like our idea's, just imagine, all of your door handles, bathroom taps and surfaces being germ resistant.

Surfaces are transformed

into water-repellent and

stain resistant barriers.

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Jurys Inn, London

When there was a problem with some contaminated glass during the hotel’s construction, almost 400 windows covering seven storeys and an additional 200m² of curtain walling were treated in total.

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Suntech - Nanotechnology Coatings

Talk to us about how Nano Technology can save you money and help reduce the amount

of water as well as harmfull chemicals, allowing you to lower your carbon footprint.