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Shanghai World Finance Center

With a height of 492 metres, this building is one of the tallest in the world. Approximately 100,000m2 of glass was treated with ClearShield in the factory prior to installation. This meant, any harsh inorganic contaminants on the glass, such as concrete splatter and cement dust, was easier to remove during construction. Therefore ClearShield reduced potential costly delays during construction and provided a significantly lower-cost alternative to replacing the glass due to surface damage.

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London Heathrow is the world’s busiest airport, the hub of the aviation world. 

The glass of the VCR (Visual Control Room) was cleaned daily to remove the dirt in an attempt to maintain good visibility for air traffic controllers. This was still deemed as highmaintenance and a better solution was sought. Clearshield was applied to renovate and protect the glass.

The windows need only be cleaned once a week instead of daily, so it reduced maintenance by 85% plus clarity was improved for workers.

Both interior and exterior glass had the benefit of the ClearShield System at both locations, with almost 40,000m² treated onsite in total.

The windows need only be cleaned

once a week

instead of daily.

Nano Technology Coatings from Suntech, can be applied either before installation of glass in buildings in the factory, providing protection against the usual construction dirt, or whilst the glass is in situ.

Originally designed for the marine environment it has been constantly developed and is now the premier product for glass repair and protection.

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Voile D'or Hotel, Bel Ombre, Mauritius

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 Santander Serfin Offices,Santa Fe and Queretaro, Mexico

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