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With Air Conditioning

If your building has air conditioning and a lot of glass, solar control window film is a huge energy saver that can massively reduce the costs involved with cooling your building while also reducing the wear and tear on your HVAC machinery.

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Solar control window films can provide an immediate, and cost effective solution to solar overheating in your building.

Reducing solar heat energy coming into your building through the glass or windows through the use of solar control window films will make the occupants more comfortable, reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Modern buildings are designed to bring in all the benefits of the sun and therefore use glass more than ever before.

Does Your Building

Get Too Hot?

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Architecturally, glass makes the building more attractive. Allowing in the right amount of light enhances the building, while creating a wonderful living and work environment.

But along with the benefits of light come some undesirable characteristics. Light also brings excess heat and fading while windows can pose a hazard due to broken glass.

Window films can solve these problems by actually enhancing the performance of your windows. Letting you keep the benefits while minimizing the disadvantages.

With Out Air Conditioning

Solar control window film can make your building cooler and more comfortable whilst eliminating hot spots that occur when the sun is pouring through the windows.

Solar Control and Energy Efficient Window Films from Suntech can help reduce energy costs, and the damaging effects of the sun.

Suntech - Solar Control Window films

An effective solution to excess heat entering any building by rejecting up to 86% of all the heat and glare, without obscuring the view through the glass. Making the environment within the room a more comfortable place to be. These also have the advantage of preventing heat loss during the evenings or during the winter months. They are an instant fix to the problems faced by our customers with a heat problem and with a 10 year warranty make a great deal of sense. Suntech Solar Control Window films can reduce your annual fuel costs and repay for them selves with in 2 to 3 years.