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With Air Conditining

If your building has air conditioning and a lot of glass, solar control window film is a huge energy saver that can massively reduce the costs involved with cooling your building while also reducing the wear and tear on your HVAC machinery.

Without Air Conditioning

Solar control window film can make your building cooler and more comfortable whilst eliminating hot spots that occur when the sun is pouring through the glass. Solar Control and Energy Efficient Window Films from Suntech can help reduce energy costs, and the damaging effects of the sun.

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Roof Too Hot?

  • Keep your conservatory

    cool in summer

  • Keep your conservator warm in winter

  • Reduce fading of furniture and fabrics

  • Reduce harmful UV rays

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Maintenance free

  • Lifetime guarantee

The traditional approach of installing internal blinds, may enhance the look of a room, and expensive air conditioning helps to cool a room. But both methods fail to fully address the issue of heat, glare and UV. Neither method effectively controls the suns powerful rays. Moreover, both methods require ongoing maintenance.

Suntech products tackle the problems of heat and glare before they enter the living or work space.

Reducing solar heat energy coming into your building through the roof or windows by the use of solar control window films, will make the occupants more comfortable, reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.

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Suntech Solar Inserts stop the sun's solar energy and harmfull UV from penetrating the polycarbonate roof, causing exess heat build up and  the fading of fabrics and furniture. During the evenings and throughout the winter months, the oposit happens, as the as the solar inserts act as a barrier - helping to retain the heat that would otherwise escape. Unlike blinds, high levels of light are maintained.

Reduce Energy

Costs and Your

Carbon Footprint.

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Suntech - Solar Control Window films

Our management team has a wealth of experience - 25 years of installing window film, and providing project management to many of the worlds fortune 100 companies and Governments around the world. Suntech brings together the skills and knowledge of some of the UK's leading window film experts and experienced maritime security consultants. From your first contact with Suntech , you will have experienced project managers and consultants working closely with you along with a full team of installers covering not just the whole of the UK but the whole of the Middle East as well.