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Suntech  are specialists in the supply and installation of high quality UV protection window films.


Goods, exhibits and soft furnishings fade prematurely due primarily to ultra violet or UV transmission in direct sunlight. The lack of UV protection can prove costly, and in the case of museum exhibits; disastrous.

However, UV window film from Suntech provides a cost effective anti fade screen between the suns energy entering through glazing and valuable goods. Ultra-Violet barriers in this polyester film, filter out up to 99.8% of UV transmission, protecting goods from the rapid deterioration associated with the sun.

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Soft Furnishings Fade Prematurely
 Due To Ultra Violet Light

Suntech UV protective film is a coating which once applied internaly to glazing is almost invisible to would be customers of high street stores. It does not impede the view of products on display, whilst affording protection to the goods on show.

Thus reducing the frequency of stock or point of sale rotation by helping to prevent the fading from ultra violet radiation from the sun.

Contact Suntech for further information on the effects of UV and how it can be prevented.

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Solar Energy

Transmitted Total 81%


Total Solar Energy

Absorbed 13%


Visible Light

Transmission 81%


Visible Light

Reflection 6%


Ultra Violet

Transmission(Max) 0.30%



Co-efficient 0.98


Glare Reduction 0%


Total Solar

Energy Rejected 15%

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Clear protective UV film is a museum grade polyester window film and is applied internally to glass or glazing.

  • This is a Anti Fade Film, normally used in places where the harmful effects of the sun - UV rays - affect exhibits, clothing, furniture etc.

  • UV window film Protects against Ultra Violet Radiation - UV.

  • All our Solar Films provide up to 98-99% UV protection therefore UV film is available in a variety of shades/colours or a safety/silver combination.

  • UV window Films prolong the lifespan of furnishings, carpets and other valuable goods.

  • Ultra-Violet barriers in UV film filter out up to 99.8% of U.V. transmission, protecting goods from rapid deterioration.

  • UV Window Film minimizes the cause of fading.

  • UV film blocks and reduces heat while

    allowing natural light through.

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Suntech - Solar Control Window films

Our management team has a wealth of experience - 25 years of installing window film, and providing project management to many of the worlds fortune 100 companies and Governments around the world. Suntech brings together the skills and knowledge of some of the UK's leading window film experts and experienced maritime security consultants. From your first contact with Suntech, you will gain experienced project managers and consultants working closely with you along with a full team of installers covering not just the whole of the UK but the whole of the Middle East as well.